Rita profile picture
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) リタ エインワーズ
Name (Romaji) Rita Ainsworth
Age 17
Gender Female
Family Shiina Mashiro (only cousins)
Occupation Expert Painter (former)
Voiced By Kawasumi Ayako
First Appearance
Anime Episode 9

Rita (リタ エインワーズ Rita Ainsworth?) was Mashiro's roommate and handler when Mashiro was in England. She was jealous of Mashiro's art talent, and so advised Mashiro to draw manga, but she later regrets this after finding that Mashiro made a big hit on her manga, and comes to Japan to bring Mashiro back to England. After realizing Mashiro's determination, she gives up and returns to England with Mashiro's father and resumes to study art. She usually argues with Ryuunosuke.

She falls in love with Ryuunosuke and kisses him near the lips when leaving Japan, which makes him pass out. The