Cutie Nakano I like her too wee wee
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 中野 乙羽
Name (Romaji) Nakano Otoha
Age 23
Gender Female
Occupation High-schooler
Voiced By Ootsubo Yuka
First Appearance
Anime Episode 12

Nakano (中野 乙羽 Nakano Otoha?) is a 1st year high-school student in Suimei University of the Arts. She is a classmate of Miyahara Daichi. She appears in episode 12.


Nakano is an optimistic girl, her hair is tied into two ponytails. She was born in Montreal, Quebec. She move to Japan when she was 8. She stops her school at the age of 12 because an incident occurred, she was stabbed by a guy. She goes back to her school at the age of 17, starts her 5th year of junior high school. She finishes and graduates her junior high school at the age of 18. After she graduates, she goes to Suimei and she starts her 1st year of senior high school at the age of 19. 3 year later when the story is started, she is twenty-two years old now and she is a 1st year student.