Yuuko (神田 優子 Kanda Yuuko?) is Sorata's little sister, who is currently attending 9th grade. She has a 

Crying yuuko
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 神田 優子
Name (Romaji) Kanda Yuuko
Age 14
Gender Female
Occupation Middle-Schooler
Voiced By Ogura Yui
First Appearance
Anime Episode 7

brother complex and even lied to her mom, so she could just meet with her brother, Sorata. She has also a complex about her flat chest and feels jealous as it is shown towards Mashiiro and Nanami.


Yuuko has more of a Strawberry Brown color, with almond shade eyes and always appears to act and look like a child.


Where Yuuko hears something disturbing to her she doesn't stop for explainations, she just goes... Crazy. She is fun

and very active. She's quite the tricker too.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo1

Hase Kanna moved to Sakurasou due to Yuuko being her roomate.Yuuko was described as noisy.